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Prunus mume,  Japanese Flowering Apricot

This small tree is the highlight of the winter season and can bloom from December until March. Often the tree will reach 25 feet tall and wide and it likes moist soil in sun to light shade. These are grown from rooted cuttings and we sometimes need to prune it to fit in the box (at 3.5'). We do have a few larger plants that can be picked up at the nursery. Zone 6  [25'T X 25'W]

These are best shipped when dormant, so they must be shipped before April 15th. No Prunus mume can be shipped to Oregon.

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Camellia japonica 'Oo la la'
Our Price: $65.00

Prunus mume 'Bridal Veil', Japanese Flowering Apricot
Prunus mume 'Bridal Veil', Japanese Flowering Apricot
Our Price: $30.00

(zone 6-9)- A Camellia Forest Introduction! A weeping mume with very pale pink blooms on gently down-arching branches. Strongly scented flowers make this an outstanding and unusual cultivar selected from hundreds of seedlings. Without staking my plant has mounded up to 10 feet tall and 20 feet across in 10 years. [10'T x 20'W]

Prunus mume 'Hokkai Bungo', Japanese Flowering Apricot
Prunus mume 'Hokkai-bungo', Japanese Flowering Apricot
Our Price: $30.00

(zone 6-9)-  The darkest colored flowering apricot that we have seen.  This is also reliably the earliest to bloom, often in full flower the first week of December.   It has dark red-pink double flowers and a sweet, cinnamon-like scent that will fill the air abundantly. Even the bark and roots have a red cast! The summer foliage is not as handsome as some other varieties as the leaves have a tendency to roll when stressed. Prunus mume will not be offered again due to difficulties with propagation and production. These are in 2 quart pots and are not straight or nicely shaped. [20'T 20'W]
Prunus mume 'Mitsubara Red', Japanese Flowering Apricot
Prunus mume 'Matsubara Red', Japanese Flowering Apricot
Our Price: $35.00

(zone 6)- This very deep pink-red, semi-double grows with an upright habit. This is probably the most difficult variety to root. Out of 500 cuttings we got maybe a dozen plants. Better get it now since the probability of propagation is nearly zero. [15'T x 15'W]
Prunus mume 'Nicholas'
Our Price: $30.00

(zone 6-9)-  Soft pink double flowers adorn the branches mid season.  Developed by local Chapel Hill plantsman Tom Krensitsky, 'Nicholas' often will produce fruit, provided the mid winter cold snaps do not burn off the flowers.    This selection has great vigor and will grow into a small tree quickly. Flower color is deeper than in the photo. [25'T X 25'W]
Prunus mume 'Yuh-Hwa'
Our Price: $30.00

This is a new selection made by Mike Yablonski and is probably a seedling from Kobai and Nicholas. The flower is a pink semi-double but has a lighter colored picotee edge. A unique flower among the Prunus mumes.