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"Planting for Posterity" Beyond the Camellia Belt "Collected Species of the Genus Camellia, an Illustrated Outline (in English and Chinese)
"Planting for Posterity"
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Planting for Posterity
, Forty Years of Gardening in the Carolina Piedmont is a newly published book written by local gardener Tom Krenitsky. In Paperback form, 110 pages.

Planting for Posterity is truly an insider's guide. Nancy Goodwin describes it best, "This book is a valuable asset for any gardener who appreciates the enormous variety of plants we can grow in central North Carolina. More than that, it is a testament to Tom's vision, experimentation, and intelligent response to his own curiosity."

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Dr. Ackerman concentrates on the northern limits of Camellia cultivation but much of the information applies to Camellia growers everywhere. The book has chapters on culture, diseases, propagation, breeding and hardy cultivars. The varieties described have pictures of the flowers as well as relative hardiness ratings. The chapters on Camellia breeding cover a lifetime of work with the genus Camellia and gives excellent background for interspecific hybridization. Shipping is $8. If ordered alone, your account will be adjusted from our minimum shipping rate.

By Gao Jiyin, Clifford R. Parks and Du Yuequiang One hundred and eighty-eight Camellia species are described in this comprehensive volume with lavish color photos of flowers, foliage and habit. For each species the botanical characteristics, distribution and horticultural merits are discussed in English and Chinese. The species are grouped into sections which helps sort the many species into plants with similar characteristics. The distribution and elevation information helps one think about hardiness and adaptability to different climates. As the Chinese have grown some of these species there is useful information for the garden culture and breeding potential of many species. Of course the features of the plant are described quite completely down to the perules and chromosome number. Only 2500 books were printed and these will not be available in your local bookstore. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to my father for Camellia breeding and research. Shipping is $15 for this book. If you are ordering it only, your shipping fees will be adjusted down from our minimum ship rate.
Camellia of Japan In Pursuit of Hidden Camellias
Camellia of Japan
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Camellias of Japan is the latest illustrated book of Japanese Camellias. The Japan Camellia Society collected data and photos of the important historic and representative cultivars and compiled them into a high quality soft cover book with excellent photographs. The names are in English with Japanese descriptions. The book comes with an English translation by Shigeo Matsumoto.

The cultivars are grouped by flower color or other characters such as leaf mutants or foliar variegation. Many newer varieties are listed such as the Tama no ura seedlings in the photo below. A great book to see all the different Camellia possibilities out there. The translation will be useful for the details about each cultivar. The English translation has the name, detailed description, hybridizer and date of introduction.360 pages. Published in 2010. Shipping for these two books is $10.

In Pursuit of Hidden Camellias by Dr. George Orel and Anthony Curry opens up a new world of exciting possibilities in the genus Camellia. The authors describe 32 new species from Vietnam and China and the range of morphological characteristics shown is amazing. Flower colors ranging from yellow to purple, new growth coming out fluorescent pink and leaves up to 75 cm long are featured in this book. The book is made up of collecting stories in the jungle and botanical descriptions of new species. This is the second edition, soft cover, 340 pages. The photographs could be higher resolution and there is no index but a wealth of information.
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