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Camellia sasanqua 'Bonanza Var.' Camellia japonica 'Gov. Mouton' Camellia japonica 'Catherine Cathcart Var.'
1 year old plant = 2 qt pot.

This has some of the deepest pink-red flowers of any of the Sasanqua. All Sasanquas have pink overtones due to the chemistry of the pigments in their flowers. The flowers are semi-double and medium sized and the plant has a somewhat spreading habit. The variegation caused by virus in these plants can create white mottles in the flowers. Multiple clones of 'Bonanza' exist and this is a larger flowered form which starts to bloom in October.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 7A
1 year old plant = 2 quart pot.
This eighteenth century introduction survived our coldest winters and huge plants can be found in older gardens. The medium sized peony form flowers are an oriental red often with white splotches. The bloom season is early and the plant is vigorous with a slightly spreading growth habit.

Zone: 6B
Flower Form, Size:
Peony, Medium
Habit: Spreading
Bloom Time (NC): February
10 Year Size:
Camellia japonica 'All American Variegated' Camellia japonica 'Carrie Var.' Camellia japonica 'Ester Smith'
Zone 7

A striking full peony form flower with red and white marbling throughout the flower. The flower is medium sized on a very compact and upright growing plant.
Growing two feet from my house is an old camellia that blooms every single spring before, during, and after the azaleas (late in the camellia season). Of course there is no labeled name, but I have propagated it because it survived the winter of 1985 with very little damage; although the single pane glass of a heated house may have contributed to the lack of damage. The medium-sized flowers are deep rose with prominent white splotches. It is a moderate upright grower. (Zone 7a) White with pink stripes, occasionally. Medium to full peony form. Blooms early to mid season.
Camellia japonica 'Moire Variegata' Camellia japonica 'Carter's Sunburst Special' Camellia japonica 'Catherine Carthcart Variegated'
‘Carter’s Sunburst Special’ (zone 7A) – This differs from ‘Carter’s Sunburst’ in that it has more of a rose-form
double flower and darker pink petals with stronger pink streaking. Sometimes it even presents a light pink edge giving a great
three dimensional look to the flowers.
A fully double pink, marbled with white, that blooms late in the flowering season. The growth rate is slow, thus this variety is suitable for the garden with limited space. Originated at Magnolia Gardens, Charleston, South Carolina about 1938. (Zone 7)
Camellia japonica 'Mrs. Freeman Weiss Variegated' Camellia japonica 'Moire Variegata' Camellia japonica 'Frankie Winn Variegated'
A rich semi-double pink with white marks has a variable form that varies from a loose peony to anemone form. The plant habit is compact and upright, and the growth is vigorous. Originated at Magnolia Gardens, Charleston, S. C. and first appears in their 1942-1943 Nursery Catalogue. ‘Frankie Winn Variegated’ (zone 7) – Large, pastel pink, peony form, almost formal double flowers adorn this plant midseason.
The plant growth rate is average, and the growth habit is upright. Originated in Savannah, GA.
Camellia japonica 'Jesse Katz Variegated'
This is a watermelon pink, blotched white semi-double of large size with wavy, creped petals. The growth habit is full and open. Originated at Magnolia Gardens as a mutation of ‘Troubador’, in 1944.