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Magnolia macrophylla var ashei, Bigleaf Magnolia Calocedrus decurrens Dendropanix trifidus
Calocedrus decurrens
Our Price: $12.00
Dendropanix trifidus
Our Price: $20.00
(zone 5-9)- A rare southeastern native Magnolia. Eventually this becomes a medium-sized tree with the largest leaves and flowers of any native plant. This is often used as a tropical accent in the garden. This blooms in late spring and likes a moist site. Flowers at a very young age and always attracts a lot of attention. The flowers are more than 1' wide and are very fragrant! [50'T X 30'W]
Price is for plant in 1 quart pot.
Evergreen conifer
Upright branching that is narrow-columnar
Very A

Common Name: incense cedar,
Type: Needled evergreen
Family: Cupressaceae
Zone: 5 to 8
Height: 30.00 to 50.00 feet
Spread: 8.00 to 10.00 feet
Bloom Description: Non-flowering
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Low
Suggested Use: Hedge
Leaf: Fragrant, Evergreen
Sold in Tree Tubes
The broad leathery evergreen leaves give this small tree a distinctive and useful character in the garden.  The leaves on young plants tend to be lobed but older plants have simple leaves and clusters of black fruits.

Zone 7
[12'T X 8'W]
Illicium floridanum 'Alba' Styrax obassia, Fragrant Snowbell Choisya ternata 'Sundance', Mexican Orange
(zone 7-9)-  This is a white flowering form of the southeast native.  The aromatic evergreen leaves are 4-6” long, and help to deter deer and other pests.  This grows into an attractive small tree of 10'x 8' in ten years.  Like all Illicium, wet soils produce the most vigorous plants, though they can tolerate drier climates.  Part to full shade is recommend, and in colder climates protect from winter wind, as you should any broad leaf evergreen.  [10'T X 8'W] 1 gallon pot. This Styrax has large pubescent leaves and flowers in short pendulous chains. This small tree seems adaptable to most soils and partial to full sun.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 5
[15'T X 10'W]
4 inch pot. This wonderful small shrub has evergreen foliage with the most recent flush of leaves staying a bright golden yellow and fragrant white flowers in late spring. It requires excellent drainage in partial sun. This is a hugely popular plant in England and France where it is seen in almost every garden center. Hardy to USDA Zone 7 [6'T x 5'W]
Cephalotaxus harringtonia Aesculus pavia, Red Buckeye Cinnamomum checkiangensis
Cephalotaxus harringtonia
Our Price: $20.00
Cinnamomum checkiangensis
Our Price: $20.00
(zone 6-9)- This is a tough, stress-resistant conifer that can be grown in full sun to dense shade. The growing habit is low and prostrate. Great plant for low foundations, edge of the border or to fall over a wall. Very easy to grow! [2'T x4'W]
(zone 5-9)-   The Red Buckeye is a showy native shrub with yellow-red flowers which are held on upright terminal racemes. The showy flowers are favored by bees and bloom in late sprig/ early summer.  It is disease resistant, easy to grow and is always one of the first plants to leaf out in the spring.
[25'T X 10'W]
(zone 7-9)- A lovely broad leaf evergreen tree native to China. Related to the tropical genus where the spice cinnamon is collect, the hardy species provide great year round interest. The new growth emerges pink to red and ages to shiny green. The upright habit makes this an excellent choice for a partly shaded garden, where protection from cold winter wind is provided. [20'T x 15'W]
Ardisia japonica 'Variegated Seedlings' Cupressus X leylandii 'Weeping Leyland' Lyonia lucida
Lyonia lucida
Our Price: $20.00
(zone 5-9) – A weeping selection of the Leyland Cypress, suitable as a single specimen in the landscape. The form is graceful and the habit is upright and vigorous. Plant in full sun and well-drained soil. [40’T X 20’W] (zone 7-10)-  A southeastern US native shrub from the coastal plains from Virginia to Florida.  This showy evergreen has shiny leaves and angled branches with clusters of fragrant pink to reddish umble shaped flowers in the spring.  They bloom on last year’s wood, so prune accordingly.  The branches are red-pink and very showy!  Acidic soil and part to full sun are preferred, just like a blueberry.  [6’T X 6’W]
Rubus hayata-koidzumii (aka R. calycinoides, R. pentalobus) Buxus sepervirens 'Unraveled', Unraveled Boxwood Chimonanthus praecox, Winter Sweet
2 quart pot
A very interesting selection of Boxwood that can be used in the landscape or for Bonsai and evergreen, winter interest containers. The branches arch and appear twisted, and the leaves look as though they are being unraveled in a swirl. This is a slow growing plant, but can reach 4' tall by 6' wide at ultimate size.
USDA Hardy Zones 7-10
[4'T x 6'W]
(zone 6-9)- The fragrant flowers are produced in profusion in early winter. These seed grown plants can vary in flower color from pale white to yellow. The long glossy leaves give this large shrub additional interest in the summer. This grows well in partial shade to sun and evenly moist soil. [20'T x 15'W]

Price is for a 2 quart plant.
Fagus grandifolia, American Beech Gardenia jasminoides 'Lynn Lowrey' Idesia polycarpa
Idesia polycarpa
Our Price: $20.00
(zone 3-8)- This is a native of the eastern North America. It will grow into a handsome shade tree over time and is one of the most attractive large specimen trees that requires very little maintenance.  These seedlings are showing great vigor. It prefers full sun to part shade and moist, but well drained soil.  [90' T x 40'W] (Zone 7-11)- This broad leaf evergreen has single white flowers that bloom seasonally in the summer. Best grown in part shade, with moist, well drained soil. Harsh winter wind can burn the evergreen leaves, so we recommend planting in a protected area. [3'T x 3'W]

Price is for a plant in a 2 quart pot.
3 quart pot.
This tree of medium size produces large pendulous clusters of persistent red berries. This species is the most spectacular berry-producing tree in our garden. This is a rapid grower with large leaves and light colored bark. Usually a male and female plants are needed for berry production and these are unsexed seedlings.

Zone 6A
[50'T x 25'W]
Lagerstroemia fauriei 'Townhouse', Crape Myrtle Illicium parviflorum 'Florida Sunshine' Mahonia eurybracteata 'Narihia'
(zone 7-9)- A Carl Whitcomb introduction, Red Rocket® Crapemyrtle has huge cherry red flower clusters through the heat of the summer. New growth is a red to red-purple color and new wood is red in color, the leaves will fade to dark green later in the season. The upright growth habit lends itself well for small gardens. This cultivar is highly resistant to powdery mildew and has some drought tolerance. Very easy to grow in full sun and moist, well-drained soil. Once established it is very drought tolerant. [20'T X 15'W]

Plant is in a 3 quart pot.

(zone 7-9)- The brilliant chartreuse-yellow leaves distinguish this small leaf anise from all others. Introduced by Tony Avent, of Plant Delights Nursery. In the autumn the stems turn red and make a great contrast to the golden foliage. It is a vigorous specimen, growing into a dense shrub form. Winter shade/ protection is recommended to reduce leaf burn, and moist, well-drained soils result in fastest growth habit. This plant looks great year round, but is especially glows on a gray winter day! [5'T X 5'W]
Illicium floridanum 'Southern Star' Ardisia crenata, Coralberry Chimonanthus praecox, Winter Sweet
Ardisia crenata, Coralberry
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $20.00
A compact, variegated shrub with glossy, red berries. Also known as Australian Holly or Christmas Berry.

Hardy to USDA zone 8.

**Not for human or animal consumption!
(zone 6-9)- The fragrant flowers are produced in profusion in early winter. These seed grown plants can vary in flower color from pale white to yellow. The long glossy leaves give this large shrub additional interest in the summer. This grows well in partial shade to sun and evenly moist soil. [20'T x 15'W]

Price is for a 3 quart plant.
Eurya japonica 'Moutiers' Ilex crenata 'Dwarf Pagoda', Japanese Holly Ilex crenata 'Sky Pencil', Japanese Holly
Eurya japonica 'Moutiers'
Our Price: $25.00
(Zone 7b-9)- This cultivar was formerly known as 'Green Thinly Margined'. A great dwarf shrub for the shade! The leathery, grey green evergreen foliage of this dense, slow growing shrub is edged with a dark green margin, with internodes that are very short so the leaves are neatly stacked up on each side of the stem. This clone has much smaller leaves about 1.5 inches long and half an inch wide. Blooming in early spring, the flowers are rather insignificant, and quite pungent and smelly - something reminiscent of a litter box (hence the genera name). Ideal exposure is morning sun to full shade, with moist, but well drained soil. Eurya is often found growing with Camellia in the woods of Japan. Eurya is well adapted to pruning and can be easily shaped. [6'T x 3'W] The one plant left has a lot of character but will develop into a nice plant with time. (zone 6-9)- The tiny rounded leaves are held on irregular branches with extremely short inter-nodes. This creates an upright and artistic form which rivals dwarf conifers for year-round interest. This is a female clone but it rarely produces black fruits and it can grow 3 inches a year. Great specimen for the rock garden or container. Grow in full sun to part shade and acidic, well-drained soil. [4'T x 2'W] (zone 6-9)- A unique form of the Japanese holly, 'Sky Pencil' has a naturally narrow and upright growth habit. Commonly used to the landscape to flank an entry, this makes an outstanding container specimen. It can also be planted as a privacy screen in small areas, since it does not grow very wide. Grow in full to part sun and acidic, moist, well-drained soil. Very easy to grow! [10'T x 2'W]
Rhododendron 'Red Pepper', Aromi Deciduous Azalea Smilax nana Acer maximouczianum
Smilax nana
Our Price: $25.00
Acer maximouczianum
Our Price: $25.00
(zone 7-9)-  This Aromi Hybrid Azalea is an eye popper in the early summer landscape.    The brilliant red flower buds open to an orange/ yellow and attract pollinators from afar.   Growing to about  6' x 6' in ten years, this deciduous azalea grows well in part shade, with acidic, well drained soils.  

[6'T X 6'W]
2 quart pot. Dr. Charles Keith told me what I was calling Damnacanthus is actually a Smilax. This curious low growing groundcover spreads slowly by rhizomes, and has done well at the Keith Arboretum where it grows under a large oak. There are small spines, inconspicuous flowers and small red berries.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 7 [1'T x 5'W]