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"Planting for Posterity" Beyond the Camellia Belt "Collected Species of the Genus Camellia, an Illustrated Outline (in English and Chinese)
"Planting for Posterity"
Our Price: $14.00
An insider's guide to planting in the North Carolina piedmont from our dear friend, Tom Krenitsky. Dr. William Ackerman's in-depth guide to Camellia history and culture. An illustrated guide to the genus Camellia by Gao Jiyin, Du Yueguiang, and our very own Dr. Clifford R. Parks.
Camellia of Japan In Pursuit of Hidden Camellias
Camellia of Japan
Our Price: $150.00
An illustrated guide to Japanese Camellias. In Pursuit of Hidden Camellias by Dr. George Orel and Anthony Curry opens up a new world of exciting possibilities in the genus Camellia. The authors describe 32 new species from Vietnam and China and the range of morphological characteristics shown is amazing. Flower colors ranging from yellow to purple, new growth coming out fluorescent pink and leaves up to 75 cm long are featured in this book. The book is made up of collecting stories in the jungle and botanical descriptions of new species. This is the second edition, soft cover, 340 pages. The photographs could be higher resolution and there is no index but a wealth of information.
I wanted to make these available but the shipping and limited printed has driven the price very high. Shipping for this book is $10.