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Which shipping option?
Only use the West option if you live in WA, OR, CA, NV, ID, UT, AZ, and the western parts of MT, WY, CO, NM. All other states should use East.
If you wish to have live plants shipped to AK or HI, please contact us for rates.

Shipping East:

  • The minimum shipping charge is $20.00 per order.
  • The shipping charge for orders over $80.00 is 25% of the order total.
Shipping West:
  • The minimum shipping charge is $22.00 per order.
  • The shipping charge for orders over $55.00 is 40% of the order total.
When to order?
Ordering plants can be done at any time from September through May, even if you are not ready to receive the plants for 1 week, or 4 months (up to the end of the shipping season). If you see a plant that you must have in October, and know you can't plant it until April, place your order, tell us when you want it shipped, and we'll choose your plant and hold it until then. No extra charge.

Some more important shipping information:
Shipping Dates: We recommend shipping from September 15 until May 31. The optimal time to ship orders is when the plants are dormant but not when they will be exposed to extreme temperatures.

When estimating when your order might arrive, please take into account the weather between NC and your location.

We try to ship when the weather is suitable for planting in your area.

If you want your order to arrive on a specific date please specify details on the order form; please understand that we cannot guarantee your plant will arrive EXACTLY on the date you specify as we are limited by carrier schedules, but we can come pretty close! We have switched carriers to FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground. FedEx will deliver Saturdays ONLY to non-commercial addresses.

You do not have to be home to receive your package. We do not require signatures on the boxes unless required by the local carrier in your area, or at your request. If we ship via air, a signature is generally required to receive plants.

To help you determine your shipping time frame:
In general, the farther away from NC you are, the earlier in the week we ship.
Example: West Coast, TX and New England are shipped on Mondays, LA, AR, FL, Tri-State are shipped on Tuesdays, TN, MO, FL, IL are shipped on Wednesdays, DE, DC, VA, GA, SC, NC shipped on Thursday and Friday as they will likely be delivered within 1 shipping day or delivered on a Saturday (residential only).

CA, OR, WA are shipped only on Monday.

Plants are shipped in the same order we receive them. If you placed an order on Monday morning going to MA, it will go out the following Monday. We may not be able to ship the same day an order is received. Processing your order and preparing it for shipment takes about 2-3 days.

Think of plants as the opposite of that T-shirt you may have ordered online:
  • They can't all be exactly the same.
  • If we run out, we can't just "order more"; we propagate what we sell and that takes time.
  • They need TLC before, during, and after shipment.
Picking up an order:
If are visiting our area, or if you live within driving distance, and prefer to pick up your plants at the nursery, you can pick up your order. Please contact the nursery to confirm when you are picking it up. All pick up orders must be paid in advance.

Thank you
We appreciate your confidence in our plants, and hope to have a happy and long relationship with every one of our customers!