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Cryptomeria japonica 'Champagne' Cryptomeria japonica 'Golden Promise'
(zone 6-9)- 'Champagne' a variegated sport of 'Nana Albospica' which grows quite a bit faster. Our ten year old plant is about 6 feet tall. Partial shade is best so it doesn't burn but still turns white.
(zone 6-9)-  'Golden Promise' appears to be similar to 'Vilmoriniana' with a frosting of cream on the branch tips.   This develops into a bun shape with tight stiff branches, and has a slow growing habit.  We have noted that in the nursery it seems to appreciate extra water and afternoon shade, as the bright white tips will burn in too much exposure.  This is a very unique and interesting cultivar, well worth growing.  [2'T x 2'W]