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Large Camellias

We have quite a few of our camellias are too large to be put in boxes. These include camellia japonica, camellia sasanqua and some cold hardy one for zone 6. They must be picked up at the nursery, unable to ship. They are in 7 gallon size pots.

A list of zone 6 Camellias include April Blush, April Dawn, April Pink,April Rose,April Snow ,April Tryst ,Ashton's Cameo, Ashton's Highrise, Ashton's Supreme, Autumn Spirit, Classic Pink, Korean Snow, Mason Farm, Survivor, Twilight Glow, Winter's Charm, Winter's Hope, Winter's Joy and Winter's Snowman.

Our fall blooming sasaquas include Angel's Kiss, Autumn Moon,Autumn Sun,Autumn Sunrise,Chansonette, Elaine Lee, Fuji no yuki, Hiinko, Irihi no umi, Kiroshiro Kan tsubaki, MIdnight Lover, Mieko Tanaka, Our Linda, Pink Goddess, Pink Serenade, Rev. Ida, Rosy Pillar, Scented Snow, Shikishima, Shishigashira, Showa no sakae, Yuletide and Yume.

Our spring blooming japonicas include Black Tie Var.,Buttermint, Christmas Beauty, Crimson Candles,Daydream Believer, Delores Edwards, Diana, Dr. J C Raulston, E G Waterhouse, Egao Corkscrew, Eleanor Waltz, Fifth Ave, Florence Coker Rogers,Gay Time, Grace Albritton, Herme Pink, High Fragrance, Jerry Hill, Junior Miss, Lady Clare, Lauren, Little Jerry, Magnolia Queen, Magnoliaflora, Maroon Mist, Nuccio's Cameo, October Affair, Peter Pan, Reg Ragland Supreme, Romany, Royal Velvet, Shibori Egao, Tama Electra, Tom Knudson, Tomorrow Park Hill, Tricolor Pink and White Mermaid.

Beside these, we have odds and ends of one or two of three of them that are just too many to list. These camellias are only available at the nursery.